The Formula for Success begins with a thorough understanding of your business—Both Database and Contact Strategic Milestone. The Competency I—MIT's Consulting and Solutions Framework are as follows: -

  Innovative & Strategic Base Database and Contact Center Solutions
  Know Your Customer—Strategic Approaches to Customer Relationship Management
         (CRM) and Dealer Relationship Management (DRM)
        Acquisition Strategy
        Boost Up Sales/Up—selling Strategy
        Suppression & Retention Strategy
        Lifetime Customer/Dealer Relationship Strategy

 Transformed Your Call Center into a Strategic Contact Center

 Embedded Best Practices Suited Most Unique Requirements

 On Site and Outsourcing Services

        Total Outbound & Inbound Telemarketing/Telesales Services and System Providing
        Data Modeling & Recruiting Service Providing
        Data Capture Services and System Providing
        Data Verification Services and System Providing
        SMS Marketing Services and System Providing
        Catalog Marketing Services and System Providing
        Database Management Solutions Development and System Providing
        Payment Follow Up and Management Service and System Providing
        Fulfillment Management Service and System Providing
        Research/Market Survey Service and System Providing

    World Class Operation Performance and Growth Flexibility

    Multi Channel Integration—Voice, Electronic and Live

    Effective Quality Assurance

    Integrated Fully—Functional Infrastructure & Workforce

        Packaged Business Application
        Packaged Business Hardware
        Packaged Business System
        Packaged Business Network
        Packaged Business Humanware

    Ultimately, I—MIT's"Just Click" Solutions—a result based production and control & management       solutions—are to embedded Best Practices of all involved parties to focus on the unique requirements of       the "Corporate" and target market from strategic milestone up to database management as follows: -

        Strategic Production Design
        Segment Definition & Targeting
        Segment Strategy
        Organization & Job Design
        Goals & Compensation Design
        Recruiting to hiring
        Performance Tracking
        Control & Management
        Analysis or Evaluation
        Payment Follow & Management
        Fulfillment Management
        Database Management